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More sculpture!

I’ve been working on this piece for a while and hope to have it completed soon… it’s a small portrait of my girlfriend in oil based clay – most of my sculpture has been done in this lately as it’s an excellent medium to experiment in, I find. I’m using this study to work on the muscles of the face and neck that I’ve been studying lately.

I’ve been following one of my favourite contemporary realist artists on Facebook – she is a graduate of “my dream art school” and was a teacher there as well. She gives classes that seem to be fairly manageable to me as far as getting time off would be concerned because 4 years for courses at ANOTHER art school overseas would be very difficult to pull off. (kind of impossible with my job I think) All the courses that I’ve seen are in California though… quite a travel but well worth it I’m sure. Worth taking soon too as she would be teaching the proper way to do things and it would be good to learn before I start forming bad habits.

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