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A great mind once said...

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

- Pablo Picasso

It’s hard not to regret time spent idle… it’s easy to see that time as wasted. I just have to learn from it and try to see it all as part of the journey. A lot of time was spent looking around and wondering how I could do work that I could be happy with – thinking about what I wanted to do and not doing it. The problem is… ideas don’t develop themselves. Skill isn’t something that just shows up by its self either… hours and hours of practice has to be done to get where you want to be and that’s true whether you’re talking about drawing, painting, playing an instrument or working on your wrist shot.

Now, I say that the problem with this process is that ideas and talent don’t develop themselves but that’s not actually an accurate statement… its not a problem at all. Once the ball is rolling it can be fun and exciting… It just takes a kick in the pants to start it – well at least it did for me. Inspiration has been flying around lately… so much it’s kind of hard to keep on top of it. Like Picasso said… it has to find you working. I started with something that inspires me – the human figure – and studying how it’s put together and that has led me off in a whole different direction all together. Looking at what’s been done before, it’s started me on looking at different mediums and techniques… rediscovering things I’d forgotten and materials that I either haven’t worked with before or have almost forgotten how to use. I do intend to get back on track with my anatomy study but I’m having too much fun right now.

I am thinking that I might do a sketch of Danny Trejo in silverpoint… the juxtaposition of the delicate medium with his appearance might be something that’s pretty interesting.

I am going to pick up my gold wire to make my stylus today… I cant wait, this should be amazing!

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