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Copying artwork

I’ve been working on this lion head now for a few days and I’m fairly happy with how it’s turning out… It’s at a point now where I have to be careful to make sure its all symmetrical because of all the hard edges.

It’s a good exercise to copy stuff like this I think… a lot of learning can be done when you’re copying something. Kinda reminds me of that old saying though, “monkey see monkey do”… because while saying that learning can be done though copying, there comes a point of course, where you finish learning the rudiments and begin to compose your own work. I may use this lion as one of the pieces I will cast in plaster to draw from.. I have a few more pieces in mind that I’d like to work on and will definitely post pictures as they progress.


This thing keeps getting bigger and bigger…. almost done roughing it out, although I don’t see it being finished any time soo

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