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The creation of my shield: Part 2

I have to dig deep for some of the earlier pictures of the shield I made… but here are some pics of the progress after the wood work was done and the leather was stretched.


I’ll post some pics of the progress before the leather work was done soon.

A-HA!!! FOUND SOME!!! I had to dig deep like I said before, but found some earlier taken progress pics… glad I documented this because it is fun to see pictures of how a few oak planks and a piece of raw leather became the shield that hangs on my wall now!

Here they are!

This is the earliest picture I found… I’d just finished drilling all the holes started laminating the 4 planks together with dowels at this point.

just a closeup..

The shape is roughed out just before the fine cutting and sanding down…

The edges are all smoothed out just before the leather is tacked on.


And here it is hanging on my wall with my claymore..

Here’s a picture of what I did with the back of the shield… It’s lined with goat fur – VERY comfortable to hold.

I guess it’s not COMPLETELY finished… still working on covering up the tacks on the back of the shield.

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