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Deadlines make things happen

I registered myself in a big art show that’s happening at the beginning of May and am starting to feel the pressure to finish stuff before the big day. I think this is one of the best things that I’ve done for myself in quite some time… it’s the shoe in the butt that I’ve needed recently. It’s been a tough few months and the drive to create was slowly dying. I was finding for a while that my art was kind of keeping me afloat but when the will to create started to die off things started getting pretty dark. It’s not gone though… there are still a few coals in there that will light if I fan them hard enough and this show has been my motivation.

I’ve been slowly chipping away at my statue and today I started the head… the clay I’ve been using is way too soft to use for the tiny details of the face and beard so I am using a harder clay for that.. I’ll stick it on afterwards and blend the muscles of the neck in to join it up. It looks a little weird being a different colour, but that of course won’t bee seen in the finished product.

I’ll get more done tomorrow, I hope… things have been pretty busy although I have been off work for a couple of weeks. I figured I’d get more done… what I’ve done is better than nothing but I’m still not happy with the slow progress.

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