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WOW….. so I believe I’ve talked about this before on here… maybe not, I’m not sure. I talk about it a lot actually….


Now… to some, I may seem to some like a stick in the mud when it comes to change but that isn’t so. Change can be good… and sometimes it can be very necessary… vitally important, in fact. Having said that though… there is an old saying that comes to mind which I wish more people changing things would keep in mind.


So somewhere along the line, this website’s code’s been changed and I can’t post pictures. For what reason, I have no idea… probably a good one, I’m sure. So that old saying doesn’t necessarily apply here but it’s still very true and something I wish more people that like changing things kept in mind.

The statue of Menelaus is coming along pretty well…. I’d like to finish these all off this week… I’d post pictures but I guess I’ll have to wait till the bugs get worked out.

**Update March 24th, 2015**

The bugs never did get worked out....... so here we are now with my own blog.

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