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Yet another sketch..

Still working in ballpoint to improve accuracy, I did another sketch today…

I was inspired by the anniversary of the march on Washington. Wondering what Reverend Martin Luther King would have thought if he knew that in less than 50 years the United States would have an African American President, I started a sketch of President Obama. Martin Luther King was a man with incredible courage and someone I’ve always admired – things have come a long way in some ways but there will always be work that needs to be done… it’s that ugly side of humanity. It’s tragic how that ugly side keeps reaching up to drag the good side down… people with good hearts and vision constantly have to struggle with that short sighted, narrow minded minority.

It’s still a bit rough… the proportions are off. (ended up being because I was drawing on a surface that was angled away from me) I’m still not looking at the big picture enough and having a hard time loosening up. I’ll get it though… tomorrow.

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