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Some old sketches..

I am in the middle of moving my stuff from one studio to another and came across some of my old sketchbooks… Lotsa stuff in there that I wouldn’t care to share but there are some things that I don’t mind if people look at…

There were a few good drawings that I did while I was in Italy… Most of the time I spent taking pictures cause I just needed to capture as much as I could. There’s so much all around you there that you could never ever see it all, let alone draw it. One day that stands out in my mind was a day spent in Florence… I started out the day getting my St. Florian medal blessed by a priest in a small church near where I was staying and went over to see the statue of David at The Galleria del’Accademia. I went inside, pulled up a chair and sat there drawing for hours… it was amazing. I spent about 8 hours in there drawing… not just David, but other statues as well. After a good long while drawing I realized I hadn’t eaten, so I slipped out to a nearby restaurant, had an amazing meal and went back to draw some more. the museum staff were kind enough to let me back in to do more sketching.

Here are a few of those sketches…

I was especially blown away by this statue and my drawing doesn’t even come close to doing it justice… You could see the soul of the model in this one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such loss on the face of a statue before… its as if tragedy had struck and her world had completely ended.

So much to draw – so little time!!!

There were some other sketches that I figured I’d share…

A couple of before and after pictures… the first is a sketch of a photo of me when I was about 4 years old and the second is a self portrait that I’d started a few years ago but wasn’t able to finish.

Here are a few more drawings in pencil…

The Geek in me decided to do a drawing of Scotty from one of the Star Trek movies…

Here are some drawings in ballpoint…

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